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If you have a inquisitive mind and would like to lean how frames are made and craft your own frame, Since 2007 I have offered a two week steel framebuilding course. For 2015 I am introducing the worlds first Carbon Fiber course.

Please check out my framebuilding website for the details Framebuilding School and Carbon Framebuilding School


The steel course is 11 full days. Monday through Friday with a weekend off in between to recuperate. We start with key areas of fit, design and theory and progress into brazing/welding practice and then to frame fabrication. I can work with and modify the frame course to suit individual needs. Lugged construction, fillet brazing are both taught. Road, MTB, Touring can all be addressed.


The carbon fiber course is seven days. We start with fit, design theory, composite theory, materials and then construct your frame from the best materials and techniques available. This course is more than just how to build a bicycle frame. It is a introduction to composites fabrication in general, its just that the outcome in this case is a bicycle frame. You could use this knowledge to craft many other items. The frame you will create will be the equal of any of the majors. Believe it! and it will be custom sized and built for you, by you. This is a first of its kind experience and course slots will be limited.



There are many avenues of framebuilding instruction in the U.S. The original four, including myself United Bicycle Institute in Ashland Oregon. Doug Fattic in Niles Michigan , Koichi Yamaguchi in Rifle Colorado. In addition there is <a data-cke-saved-href="Brew Bicycles in Greenboro North Carolina. Any one of these entities will give you a great educational experience, but here is what I offer:


First, this is individualized instruction, With an extremely low student to instructor ratio of 2 to 1 you will have personalized attention the entire period.

Second, You have full use of my facilities, that although small in size are extremely extensive. I have the absolute finest in fixtures, welding equipment, machine tools and painting facilities. Nobody comes close in this respect


Third. I bring 20 years of framebuilding experience and 25 years of fabrication experience to bear in helping your to realize your vision. Look at the results of my students and see for yourself that they are the absolute best in the business. We work together to bring out the best in you!


Fourth, I can modify the class to concentrate on your specific goals and keep the pace perfect for you. This cannot be done with classes which have many students. I also can work with people who wish to further their skills in either welding or specialty frame fabrication.


Fifth, Tucson is a beautiful place for a trip in spring, winter or fall. A riding paradise and also wonderful for a family vacation.



O. K. Dave. I love the idea, when it is?


Please check the website Framebuilding school for current steel course schedules and Carbon framebuilding school for carbon fiber course schedules


Awesome! How much does it cost!


The course costs $3250 for steel.


All practice and frame materials are included based on your need. No need to bring any items or pay for extras, when you are here.


Parts to complete your frame will be provided to frame students at a fabulous price.


Whether your goal is to just build a wonderful bike for yourself and have great feeling of satisfaction or build a base which will help you to replicate the results for yourself. I can help.


I have been building a FAQ and fine print page on my framebuilding specific website. Please review this if you have more questions.


Bohemian framebuilding school


Examples of previous students work:





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